Our Customers Demand

quality over quantity.

Here at Rolando’s we cook pizza in a slightly different way than we are accustomed to.

Instead of traditional wood fire oven we cook our pizzas in reliable ovens that distributes heat evenly throughout the oven, this means that the pizza gets a nice golden brown color and a lovely crispness.

Now, it is not only the oven that has to deliver, it takes experience, chef with a sense of taste and quality ingredients.

We expect that our customers demand quality over quantity. At Rolando’s, you can enjoy classic Italian pizzas but also pizzas that you probably never tasted. A Pizza with chicken, roasted onion and curry-mayonnaise on top, or why not a pizza with döner kebab meat and a delicious garlic dressing.

The pizza comes from Italy, absolutely! But we’ve only done it a bit ‘tastier’!