Classic Pizza

  • 1. Margherita AED 40


  • 2. Ai Funghi AED 42

    mushrooms and garlic olive oil drizzle

  • 3. Calzone AED 44

    turkey ham, black pepper and mushrooms

  • 4. Capricciosa AED 45

    turkey ham, mushrooms and artichokes

  • 5. Pescatore AED 45

    home made tomato sauce, mozzarella, tuna, red onion and capers

  • 6. Rustica AED 48

    beef salami, mushrooms and artichokes

  • 7. Vegetariana AED 48

    mushrooms, bell peppers, artichokes, red onion and black olives

  • 8. Il Padrino AED 49

    portabello mushrooms, bacon, red onion, goat cheese and chili oil

  • 9. Siciliana AED 47

    anchovies, capers, black olives and garlic olive oil drizzle

  • 10. Ai Formaggi AED 49

    gorgonzola, grana padano shavings, taleggio cheese and oregano

  • 11. Genovese AED 48

    cherry tomatoes, ricotta cheese, pesto and rucola

  • 12. Pollo AED 49

    chicken, cherry tomatoes and pesto

  • 13. Cacciatore AED 48

    beef salami, capers, black olives and garlic olive oil drizzle

  • 14. Al Salmone AED 49

    cold smoked salmon, ricotta, parsley and lemon oil drizzle

  • 15. Sapori Italiani AED 49

    beef bacon, beef salami, ricotta cheese, grana padano shavings and black olives

  • 16. Bianca AED 48

    (NO TOMATO SAUCE) mixed mushrooms and taleggio

  • 17. Della Casa AED 48

    turkey ham, mushrooms, beef salami, bell pepper and artichokes

  • 18. Cosa Nostra AED 48

    mushrooms, gorgonzola, beef salami and beef bacon

  • 19. Regina AED 48

    fior di latte and fresh basil

  • 20. Primavera AED 49

    portabello mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, red pesto, cherry tomatoes and rucola

Specialty Pizzas

  • 21. Pizza Bolognese AED 49

    bolognese sauce and parmesan

  • 22. Mexicana AED 48

    pepperoni, pineapple, jalapeno and cheddar cheese

  • 23. Chicken Chili AED 47

    tikka chicken, jalapeno and hot chili-dressing

  • 24. Feta AED 48

    feta cheese, bell peppers, red onion, garlic olive oil drizzle and kalamata black olives

  • 25. Club AED 48

    seasoned chicken, beef bacon, sliced tomatoes, roasted onion and curry-mayonnaise

  • 26. Pepperoni AED 47

    pepperoni, bell peppers and onion

  • 27. Chicken BBQ AED 48

    chicken, mushrooms, onion, bell peppers and bbq sauce

  • 28. Hawaii AED 45

    turkey ham and pineapple

  • 29. Bomba AED 47

    mushrooms, onion, bacon, egg and black peppar

  • 30. Kebab Pizza AED 55

    döner, onion, sliced tomatoes, fefferoni and garlic dressing

  • 31. Kebab Deluxe AED 58

    döner, onion, feta cheese, sliced tomatoes, jalapeno, lettuce and kebab sauce

Hot Pastas

  • Lasagna Al Forno AED 39

    homemade lasagne topped with marinara sauce and cream

  • Penne Alla Napoletana AED 30

    penne in our famous marinara sauce topped with ricotta and fresh basil

  • Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese AED 37

    a traditional meat sauce made from the best minced beef and fresh ingredients

  • Fettuccine Alfredo AED 38

    fettuccine tossed in our cream romano sauce and parmesan

  • Rigatoni Pollo E Pesto AED 38

    fresh rigatoni tossed in our fresh marinara sauce, chicken, cream and pesto

  • Penne 5 Formaggi AED 30

    creamy sauce with 5 different cheeses, sun-dried tomato and fresh basil

  • Pappardelle Al Tartufo Nero AED 39

    Sliced roast beef, caramelized onion, shredded horseradish, crumbled roquefort cheese and honeymustard dressing


  • Caesar’s Surprise AED 27

    chicken breast, lettuce, sun-dried red tomatoes, croutons and parmesan shavings

  • Kebab Salad AED 32

    döner, lettuce, red onion, cucumber, tomato, fefferoni and crumbled feta cheese

  • Greekway AED 28

    sliced cucumber and tomato, red onion, lettuce, crumbled feta cheese and kalamata black olives

  • Italian Job AED 28

    lettuce, baby spinach, marinated peppers, artichokes, fresh mozzarella(fior di latte), black olives, sun-dried red tomatoes and parmesan shavings


  • Potato Wedges AED 12

  • French Fries AED 10

  • Pane Aglio AED 15

    bread with homemade garlic butter

  • Insalata Caprese AED 22

    sliced mozzarella and tomato, topped with olive oil, oregano and fresh basil

  • Bruschetta Al Pomodoro AED 18

    grilled garlic bread with olive oil, fresh tomato, garlic, oregano and basil